Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Halloween

Check out Classie's DIY skeleton costume. It won her first place in her office costume contest! She also won last year with her DIY scarecrow costume. Click here to see it and DIY versions of the rest of the Wizard of Oz gang.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn Leaves, Awesome God

Don't you just love the colors of Autumn? The streets are lined with so many beautiful brown, yellow, orange, red and even magenta colored trees. As we witness the leaves changing colors we can't help but acknowledge the awesomeness of God! Who else can make something as natural as dying leaves so beautiful and inspirational?

sweater~thrifted, leggings~thrifted, boots~Forever 21, scarf~thrifted

sweater~thrifted, jeans~Rave (old), boots~thrifted, earrings~Rainbow

More Inspiration

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Silk Pants

I found these awesome leopard print silk pants at Goodwill in the Spring. I planned on making them into harem pants. I went on to forget I had them. That happens all the time. You find a piece in a thrift store and you have plans to make it into something fabulous. Then it gets put away and forgotten. I came across them this day and decided I was going to wear them as is. I put rubber bands on the legs and ballooned them over. The rubber bands were pretty big, so my circulation was fine. I'll do something more permanent with the hem one day... Maybe.

pants- thrifted
t-shirt- random
jacket- J. Crew Kids- thrifted
belt- thrifted
shoes- Charlotte Russe
bracelets- thrifted
earrings- gifted


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

June Ambrose Jr.

Believe it or not, Ivy (3 yrs old) picked out her own outfit. She decided that she wanted to wear her pink jeans and her red sparkly shoes and she was not taking no for an answer! The pink and red combo was just not working for her mom (Classie). She chose the scarf to try to bring it all together. Ivy refused to wear the scarf on her neck as Classe had intended, so she asked Ivy if she could tie it on her head. Ivy agreed. The result... June Ambrose Jr.

Ivy's shoes, scarf, shirt, and jeans were thrifted.


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