Wednesday, October 3, 2012

June Ambrose Jr.

Believe it or not, Ivy (3 yrs old) picked out her own outfit. She decided that she wanted to wear her pink jeans and her red sparkly shoes and she was not taking no for an answer! The pink and red combo was just not working for her mom (Classie). She chose the scarf to try to bring it all together. Ivy refused to wear the scarf on her neck as Classe had intended, so she asked Ivy if she could tie it on her head. Ivy agreed. The result... June Ambrose Jr.

Ivy's shoes, scarf, shirt, and jeans were thrifted.


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  1. Oh I love it! She looks too cute!

  2. That is pure AwesomeSauce. I love it!

  3. I definitely like the outfit. Not sold 100% on the scarf/turban. It looks too much like what I wear at night, LOL! I am going to venture out and try that turban thing one day!

  4. I love June and her turbans! The little one looks adorable; she's a fashionista in the making for sure!