Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tea Time

I thrifted this vintage dress earlier this year. It was mid-calf length before I turned it into a mini "bubble" dress by sewing elastic to the bottom hem. I added a belt, fishnet tights, super high heels and a fascinator like the Brits wear. I wore this to my church's Pump Up Your Hattitude women's brunch.

dress- thrifted
belt- thrifted
shoes- Bakers
earrings & bracelet- thrifted
fascinator- ABC Trading Co.
fishnet tights- local beauty supply store

Pinkies Up!



  1. Ok sexy tea time! haha This dress is sooo me! haha I love it! and I love this whole outfit!! Love that you are a Thrifters Anonymous Member..and love that you are sharing with us!!!


  2. super cute!! Turning a longer dress into a bubble is a great idea! Very clever, and sounds pretty easy!