Saturday, December 31, 2011

Halloween in December?

So, sue me! This is a new blog, so we are playing catch up right now. We wanted to post our version of DIY thrifty halloween costumes. We went as The Wizard of Oz cast. Our brother Matt had the most HILARIOUS costume!

Tin Man, Scarecrow, Dorothy, Cowardly Lion

 funnel- dollar store, shirt- thrifted, leggings- random mall store, ax- thrifted, dress- thrifted windshield sun shade, cuffs & heart necklace- DIY, shoes- can't remember

fur hat- thrifted, shirt- thrifted, vest- Macy's, leggings- random, boots- Rue 21, cuffs & tail- DIY
Makeup by Grace 

overalls- thrifted, shirt & patches- thrifted, boots- Dillard's, hat & crow- dollar store
Makeup by Classie

 dress- thrifted bed skirt, dog & basket- thrifted, t-shirt- random, shoes- DIY 


  1. OMG...the costumes are cute, funny and ingenious! You bother's is straight hilarious!!! Good for him for being a good sport and going with it.


  2. We thought it would be hilarious and more memorable if he was Dorothy. But not a drag queen Dorothy.. just a straight man in a dress with no wig. And he's crazy, so he went with it. Everyone loved it! We had fun that night.